Woman caught draping her long hair

Woman caught draping her long hair over airline seat during an international flight

Social media users came up with creative ways for the blogger who posted the photo to get revenge on the ‘rude’ passenger.

Just ‘plane’ bad etiquette: Airline passenger drapes her long, thick hair over the back of her seat. Food blogger Julie Christensen had a bad hair day — not with her own, but with a fellow airline passenger’s oddly placed locks.

Talk about a hairy situation.

A woman on an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Amsterdam on Sept. 29 was caught draping her long hair over the back of her seat.

Woman caught draping her long hair

The passenger behind her just happened to be food blogger and traveler Julie Christensen — who captured the moment on camera and called the passenger’s travel etiquette into question.

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In an interview with Fox News Digital, Christensen said the passenger seated in front of her left her hair over the seat for most of the trip.

“I was like, ‘Is this normal?’” she said.

At one point, the long brunette locks reached Christensen’s tray table and even flirted with the top of her coffee cup.

Christensen said she was too tired to confront the woman — their flight had already been delayed — but she thought to herself that this behavior was a little odd.


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“She had beautiful, newly washed hair and I would never throw my newly washed hair around in an airplane,” said Christensen. “I think it’s very weird.”

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