Video Footage: Chloe Campbell abducted, forced into SUV – Police Rescue Her safely

Missing Colorado teen Chloe Campbell found alive, police don’t believe she was held against her will. Chloe Campbell was reportedly last seen with two ‘older men’ described as ‘sketchy,’ by her parents but.

Colorado authorities on Monday said they have found a 14-year-old girl who was last seen 10 days ago and that she took steps to avoid being found.

Chloe Campbell was found around 5 p.m. at a residence in Thornton, a suburb located about 26 miles from Boulder, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold told reporters during a news briefing.

Chloe Campbell Missing

“While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation about where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family,” Herold said.

Campbell was released to her family and will be medically evaluated, police said. Few details were released, but authorities said they do not believe she was held against her will.

Chloe Campbell Video Footage

The teenager was last seen around 6 p.m. on Sept. 30 near Boulder High School in Boulder. She was spotted at a high school football game with two older men who were described as “sketchy,” according to her family.

Chloe’s family had been continuously updating the public via a Google Doc page titled “Updates on the search for Chloe.” Her father, David Campbell, told local affiliate that Chloe “never came home,” which prompted the family to start investigating.

While she was missing her family believed, based on what they heard from the teenager’s friends, that “she may be with someone (or several people) who are men, or older boys, who could be involved with drug dealing and who may have violent criminal records,” the Google Doc states.

Campbell’s family said they believed other kids may have known her whereabouts or how to reach her. Over the weekend, authorities said they believe Campbell was a “runaway” but could be in danger.

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