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Ohio Father Shot Daughter’s Ex Boyfriend Watch On Video

Ohio woman, 22, and her father are pictured moments after he shot her unarmed ex-boyfriend dead through their front door: Neighbors watched him die for SEVEN minutes without helping.

Mitchell Duckro, 52, shot his daughter’s ex-boyfriend James Rayl, 22, three times after he attempted to get into their property.

Rayl was struck in the left shoulder, right shoulder and back, through the front door and staggered away after the shooting.

Allyson Duckro, 22, had broken up with Rayl a year and a half before her dad shot him dead.

Door Camera VIDEO LINK

Neighbours stood staring at Rayl as he lay dying in the driveway for seven minutes before emergency services arrived. Rayl left a voicemail the night before, saying he wanted to see how his ex was, and stopped by the house unannounced.

A Shelby County grand jury voted 8 to 1 not to indict Duckro based on Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. But Rayl’s family have launched a ‘Justice for James’ campaign, accusing his ex-girlfriend’s dad of murder.

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