Jaylon Ferguson death reason

Jaylon Ferguson Cause of Death – How did Jaylon Ferguson Die? New Details Revealed

Jaylon Ferguson cause of death: Officials deem it questionable, possible drug overdose. Officials are puzzled by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson’s death.

When Jaylon Ferguson was reported unresponsive in the Baltimore’s Harwood neighborhood, officials attended the call and arrived as medics were providing treatment to the Ravens linebacker. He was unresponsive and after a few minutes of proceedings, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Looking into his medical history, there is no previous illness or any other reason that could’ve explained why he laid unresponsive when the medics arrived.

Baltimore police spokeswoman Niki Fennoy stated that the NFL player never regained consciousness despite the efforts from the medical staff. There were also no signs of trauma to the head or anything remotely related to that, this left everybody puzzled after the fact.

Jaylon Ferguson Cause of Death

Jaylon Ferguson Death Reason 

What happened to Jaylon Ferguson

According to officials, the 26-year-old will be submitted to an autopsy that will determine the exact cause of death and clarify everything for officials and his family. There is still a lot to uncover about this especially with players who are in constant contact with their head.

That constant head trauma adds to the already existing problems they go through and many of them become addicted to certain medications.

In many of these cases, we are talking about players who have been trying to overcome this depression through different types of pain killers or even alcohol abuse. Jaylon Ferguson’s case as a linebacker fits this profile due to his position on the field. However, we can’t say for certain this is the case until we see the autopsy results.

Officers found the 26-year-old third-round draft pick unresponsive Tuesday night when they responded to a house in the 400 block of Ilchester Avenue, located in the city’s Harwood neighborhood. Upon arrival, they found medics providing treatment to Ferguson, who was unresponsive.

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