Cincinnati shooting

Cincinnati Shooting CCTV Footage Leaked – 9 people Shot in Mass Shooting

Surveillance video shows the initial panic of many patrons along Main Street as shots began to ring out overnight in Over-the-Rhine early Sunday morning.

Just got done driving home from dc and was called into work for what police are saying is “a mass shooting” in OTR. Police say- 9 people shot, none dead, shooter not arrested,

15-20 rounds were fired by the shooter, one cincinnati officer fired one round and they aren’t sure if it hit the suspect since he took off, the only description police gave in the shooter “white shirt, dark pants”.

If you are a witness, have photos or have video on your phone.. police are asking for your help. We would like the video or eye witness accounts as well. Please let me know. We are live now FOX19.

Cincinnati Shooting CCTV Footage

Cincinnati police are investigating what they call a mass shooting in Over-the-Rhine early Sunday morning. The shooting happened around 1:40 a.m. outside Mr. Pitiful’s bar at 13th and Main Streets.

Cincinnati shooting

Lieutenant Colonel Mike John said there was an active shooter in the area and multiple shots were fired, wounding nine people. The victims were taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and none are in critical condition, according to Lt. Col. John.

“Seen people running and it was just melee. Chaos. I actually saw the cops running down the street trying to find the guy who they were looking for,” a witness said.

Cincinnati Shooting Update News

Cincinnati Shooting Suspect Photos

Cincinnati Shooting Victim List

Lt. Col. John said an officer fired one shot at the suspect as that person fled the scene but it’s not known whether the shooter was wounded.

“Early this morning, a Cincinnati police officer fired a single shot at an active shooter in OTR and likely saved several lives,” said FOP President Dan Hils.

The only description police have of the shooter is that the shooter was wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants.

Radio traffic indicates officers on the scene were trying to break up a large crowd, “Car 50, we’re gonna do another bang grenade. Standby. Car 50, I copy. Another flash bang going out, trying to push the crowd back.”

There was another shooting in the Central Business District and police say at least two people were injured. Lt. Colonel John said they do not know if the shootings in OTR and the CBD are connected.

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